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Are looking for lawn care companies in Denton Tx?  We provide you with the best lawn care and landscape companies that Denton has to offer.  Your front or back lawn has a huge impact on the look of your home.  You want to make sure that you get the right professionals to take care of your lawn for you.  Doing it yourself might be good exercise, but it will take a lot of time and effort.  It is certainly worth it to hire pros so that you can come home to a house that looks spectacular.

Check out some of the most popular services that lawn and landscape companies in Denton Tx provide.


Lawn Care Services in Denton Texas

Lawn Mowing and Edging 

Lawn Care Denton TxLawn mowing and edging is the foundation of lawn care and lawn maintenance. We take the time to mow the lawn properly. We mow grass to just the right height using the right equipment for the job. We also edge the borders of the grass, including driveways, walkways, and patios. 


Turf Aeration 

Turf aeration is when the soil is perforated with small holes so that air, water, and nutrients can penetrate grass roots. It helps the roots to grow strong and leads to a healthier and stronger lawn overall. 


Turf aeration is done to prevent soil compaction. Compacted soil happens when soil becomes too dense in one place, which prevents air, water, and nutrients from getting through. Having too much organic debris under grass can also prevent roots from accessing the nutrients they need to survive. 


Tree and Shrub Pruning 

Pruning is important to tree and shrub health. Not only does pruning get rid of excess growth, but it allows for the growth of new and stronger branches and leaves. It is an important part of the lawn care process, and it is a service we are happy to provide. 


Groundcover Pruning 

Trees and shrubs are the only things that need pruning. Pruning groundcover can often go overlooked, even if you remember to prune the trees and shrubs in your garden. If groundcover is left unattended it can become overgrown and steal the nutrients other plants need, choking out the plant life in your garden. Groundcover looks better when pruned and leaves your garden healthier, so don’t hesitate to call us for groundcover pruning services. 


Tree Care 

Dead and dying trees do more than just look bad; they’re also a health risk and a risk to the structural integrity of your home – and your neighbor’s home. If a tree in your garden fell on to your neighbor’s property then you are liable for it. We check the trees in your garden to make sure they are healthy and administer whatever care is needed. If trees are dead or dying then we will safely and securely clear them before they can do any damage. 


Spring and Fall Clean Up 

Spring and fall are the two most important times for your garden. When spring comes you need to clear away the damage of winter and prepare the garden for new life. Inversely, when the fall comes you need to clear away the debris and leaves and prepare your garden for the winter. We can help with both of those. Give us a call if you need help with spring and fall clean up in your garden. 



Mulching is an ecological way to manage land clearing and get rid of plant debris. It is fast and effective and means you don’t need to rely on burn piles or other environmentally-damaging practices. Best of all; you can use the mulch to nourish your garden so that everything grows back bigger, stronger, and better than before. 


Bed Care 

Every aspect of your garden needs a little tender loving care. That includes the flowerbeds. We’ll take a look at your beds and provide any care as appropriate. We’ll water and feed your plants, ensure they have good quality soil, and prune them like any other part of your garden. 


Landscape Herbicide 

One of the sad realities of landscaping is that sometimes herbicide is needed. Whether it’s to clear away plants that have grown too big or clear away problems like vines and weeds, sometimes you need herbicide. We use only the best and safest herbicides and we know when and how to use it. Count on us to safely and effectively apply landscape herbicide to keep your landscaping healthy. 


Landscape Enhancements, Including Renovation

Do you have plans for your garden but you need some help making them a reality? Count on us to help with any landscape enhancements and lawn care you want. We can even handle renovations for you. Let us help you build the garden of your dreams. 



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